Thursday, 7 March 2013

Brilliant Book Week and A 'Real Life' Becky Evans!

A 'real life' Becky Evans, aka Leoni!
Today is World Book Day and across the country thousands of children have gone to school dressed as book characters. Some children decided to dress as characters from my books, including Leoni, who dressed as Becky (the main character in The Secret Theatre, Ghost Post and Doorway To Danger). You look just like Becky, Leoni, and I hope you had fun at school! I will put up more photos from World Book Day in my next blog.

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting 2 schools I count as old friends and 2 I can now call new friends. There was just one problem - I had a big cold and nearly lost my voice! So on Monday morning at the first of the new schools, Bushmead Primary in Luton, my usual loud voice became a rather raspy one aided by a microphone. The audiences of over 350 KS2 children and 240 KS1 children really cheered me up and helped me forget about my cold. I had an absolute blast bringing my books to life for them, with the help of the enthusiastic and fun Mr Davis. There are also some very scary children at Bushmead as Mr Davis knows to his cost - one of the year 2s (acting as a pirate) made him fall off his chair! 
Luke with Bushmead's Mr Davis!

This is what Bushmead had to say about the visit: 'On Monday we had an inspirational visit from author Luke Temple. Luke entertained us with his zany presentation and interactivity. We were all laughing and dancing and being amazed at the way he brought his characters to life... I don’t think we have ever had such a great response to (and from) an author before…'

A BIG thank you to Mr William Davis and everyone at Bushmead - it was an honour to start off your Brilliant Book Week and I'll be back soon!

Performing at South Camberley with children playing the
characters of Mum, Spooky Steve and the TV Director
The second new school was Tennyson Road Primary in Luton. We had been assured before we arrived that this was a lovely school, and they certainly met this expectation. I had a fabulous time working with KS2 and KS1 and entertaining them with my books. Thank you to Sarah Varnals for organising a great visit. I hope to see you all again soon.

Opening the library at South Camberley!
My old friends Watchetts Junior School have changed their name since my last visit, to South Camberley Primary School. I had a really fun time performing to a variety of classes, and was then really impressed with the knowledge and enthusiasm of the year 3s during a writing workshop. At the end of the day I had the honour of opening the new school library. It is a lovely room, full of light and colour and brand new books. I was as excited as the children to explore it! Thank you to Julie Rowland and congratulations to you all on a fab library. 

The children at Horsell Junior School in Woking were the first children I ever told about my new books, Ghost Post and Doorway To Danger, a couple of years ago. It was a joy to return to introduce them to the books properly. With 360 children packed into the hall, it made for a great atmosphere and the children really got involved and helped me to act out the books. Following this I had 2 great workshops with groups of children, and was incredibly impressed with their knowledge and skill. I returned the following day for a mammoth 3 hour book signing - the perfect ending to the week! A big thank you to Gill Kozlowski for your support throughout the day... I can't wait to come back to Horsell when The Ghost Lord Returns is published!

Well, what a week that proved to be - by the end, I had nearly lost my voice again, but had great fun doing so. It just goes to show that whether I am meeting old fans or new ones, the response is the same: loads and loads of lovely staff and pupils, all equally keen to hear my stories and read my books! 

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