Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Creepy Children in Spooky Sussex!

We had a few great school visits last week to celebrate World Book Day in true Spooky Sussex Style!

Tuesday meant a welcome return to the lovely North Mundham Primary near Chichester. I will always remember my last visit there, when the hall was out of use... all of KS2 (over a hundred children) had to squeeze into 1 classroom to watch me perform! This time we were thankfully back in the school hall ... lots more space for me to jump around and go mad in. We had great fun with both KS2 and KS1 and the following day returned for a big book signing. I had a great surprise when a couple of KS1 children showed me the huge pirate ship they had made in their classroom - it was awesome, and the perfect place to make up a creepy pirate story! I also got to see year 5, hard at work drawing their own versions of my book covers... these were fantastic, and there were some really imaginative ideas. Hopefully I'll be able to post some pictures of the book covers on this blog soon!

I'm being attacked! Look at all these creepy ghosts,
ghouls and vampires from Southway Junior School!
On World Book Day itself I drove the short distance to one of my local schools, Southway Junior School. As I made my usual entrance, leaping into the school hall, I was nearly frightened half to death! There sitting in front of me were the creepiest collection of ghosts, ghouls, vampires and zombies I had ever seen! It was hard to believe that under the sheets and behind the masks, it was just the same bunch of sweet children (and staff) I met at Southway last year... All the costumes helped create the perfect atmosphere for me to bring my spooky adventure books, Ghost Post and Doorway To Danger, to life.

After a short delay because of heavy snow, I was eventually able to creep into Surrey to visit Walton on the Hill Primary on Red Nose Day. They were all dressed up for the occasion too, but their costumes weren't quite so scary - most of them were in onesies! I had great fun introducing them to my new books, and also helped year 6 to make their classroom haunted in a fun workshop.

Huge thanks, as always, to Sarah Walsham from North Mundham, Angie Bower from Southway and Alicia Nicholls from Walton on the Hill for organising three fantastic visits. I can't wait to return to all three schools once my next book, The Ghost Lord Returns, is published!

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