Saturday, 23 March 2013

Shropshire Stars

Each year I try to plan a tour of schools in Shropshire... mainly because I get to stay with my Aunt and Uncle, Margaret and Roy. My first ever tour as an author was to Shropshire, with my book Stormy Cliff, in September 2008. At the time I didn't drive, and Margaret and Roy transported me around and made the tour possible. They have kindly supported my visits ever since. I always receive a warm welcome from them and am made to feel completely at home.
The children from Moorfield Primary were excited
to get their hands on my new books!
During my time in Shropshire, I had the pleasure of visiting 4 schools in the Telford area, all of which I got to know during visits last year. The children at Shifnal Primary, Ladygrove Primary, Moorfield Primary and Newdale Primary were all really excited to see me again and even more excited to find out about my new books, Ghost Post and Doorway To Danger. Each audience was full of lively children, keen to come up to the front and become the stars of my books. I had great fun bringing my books to life in the 4 schools, and at all the book signings there were long lines of children desperate to get their hands on my new books.

I love doing the book signings - it means I get to meet children like Sam from Ladygrove Primary. Last year I told all the children at Ladygrove about my books, Stormy Cliff and The Secret Theatre. Sam was a reluctant reader, and yet he was so excited by my visit that he decided to buy Stormy Cliff. I met Sam again this year, and he told me that it was the first book he had ever read, and since then he has been reading lots of other books. Hearing this made my day, because the main reason I visit schools is to encourage children to give reading (and writing) a go, even if they find it hard! I hope Sam, and everyone else who bought Ghost Post and Doorway To Danger, enjoys reading them.

Thank you to all the staff at Shifnal, Ladygrove, Moorfield and Newdale for organising fantastic visits, and of course to Margaret and Roy for providing me with a home from home. I'll see you all as soon as my next book, The Ghost Lord Returns, is published!

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  1. That's a brilliant little story. Y'know Sam's always going to have a place in his heart as well for that story, even if he doesn't remember it when he's older. You've officially changed a child's LIFE.

    I hope you know what you're doing, Luke. =P JOKE.