Saturday, 8 June 2013

Back On The Road

After a month's break from school visits, what better way to kick things off again than by returning to visit old friends.

I was last at Edward Bryant School in Bognor Regis 3 years ago, but arriving at the school gates on Wednesday morning, it felt like only a few weeks had passed between visits. It was lovely to receive enthusiastic welcomes from year 6s who remembered me from when they were in year 3! The plan was for me to run my Ghost Island presentation with the whole of KS2, followed by workshops with year 5. But then Ofsted turned up!

This meant that I was only able to see all of KS2 for about 15 minutes. Although we didn't have long, I launched into the most action-packed part of my presentation and crammed as much excitement into those 15 minutes as possible. By the end I was exhausted and the children were eager to find out more about my latest books. But sadly, year 3, 4 and 6 had to head back to classrooms, leaving me with year 5 for the rest of the day. Fortunately, year 5 were a delight to work with and made the day thoroughly enjoyable. Thank you to Mrs Bolland, Mr Lawrence and Mrs Bennet for your support throughout the visit - if I was an Ofsted inspector I would rate Edward Bryant Outstanding!

Fun at Hawthorns!

On Thursday morning I left home early, at 6.30am, to get past miles of roadworks on my way to Hawthorns School. I have visited Hawthorns for the past 3 years to work with their year 5s during project week. There's one thing I can guarantee about my yearly trip to this school - they always provide some of the most lively, enthusiastic children you are likely to meet. This year proved no different! It was an absolute pleasure working with them throughout the day - from the very entertaining presentation, to the gruesome ideas thought up in the writing workshop, to the high comedy of  the drama workshop. Some real characters shone through, and the acting ability of these year 5s was top class. We were having so much fun that in the end the final workshop overran by 30 minutes, but no one minded - least of all me!
A year 5 showing me his best Jedward impression!

Thank you, as always, to Mrs Moyle and Mr Woodard for organising a fantastic day. I'm looking forward to next year's visit already!

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