Saturday, 29 June 2013

The M23 Tour

We found this sign at a garden
centre near Kenley. 5 1/4 mph?!
This week Mike and I drove up and down the M23 four times from Brighton up to schools in Surrey and Croydon. It meant leaving early each morning to avoid roadworks, but we didn't mind.

On Monday we visited Kenley Primary School and had great fun working with KS1 and KS2. There were many highlights to the morning, but possibly my favourite was when I asked the boy playing Spooky Steve to act terrified. He is obviously a born comedian, as he let out one of the most undramatic 'screams' imaginable, which made us all roll around laughing. What a brilliant way to start the week! Thank you to all the staff for their support on the day and during the book signing a couple of days later. We'd love to return soon to tell you all about more of my books - especially my next one, The Ghost Lord Returns, when that's published!

The beautiful grounds of the City of London Freemen's School
This is what raked seating looks like,
in case you didn't know!
At the City of London Freemen's School I performed to year 4 and most of year 6 on Tuesday. It was a busy day in school, with some children rehearsing for a school production, some doing cycling proficiency and others taking part in an Egyptian day! It was a pleasure working with the children I got to meet and introducing them to my spooky books. I even had the luxury of using their Senior Assembly Hall, with a proper stage and raked seating, which meant everyone got a clear view. I hope it's not too long before I'm able to return to work with some more CLFS children!

We love returning to schools to see old friends and on Wednesday we were invited back to Furzefield Primary School. After having such a wonderful time there last year, could this year's visit be even better? Of course! We were welcomed again by the lovely librarian Sam and the enthusiastic deputy head, Dave (who was busy writing the Doctor Who themed year 6 play, complete with Tardis - how cool is that?!). I always like to make an entrance, but in the KS2 presentation Dave
Thicket House by Jessica number 2 from Furzefield - she only
had a few minutes to draw it! She's called Jessica number 2,
because the illustrator of my books is also called Jessica.
I think Jessica 2 gives Jessica 1 a run for her money!
gave me the best introduction I've ever had, turning my entrance into a complete surprise for the children! KS2 and KS1 were a brilliant
bunch to entertain and their loud laughter was infectious. Throw in some great acting (especially from a very cheeky Becky), and a brilliant illustration from Jessica, and this was a morning to remember. I can't wait to return to Furzefield with The Ghost Lord Returns when it's published!

Next up we are going international again, with a visit tBrüggen School in Germany in a couple of weeks. Watch this space!

P.S. For those who have seen my presentations, this morning I woke up with my hair looking like this... Maybe I don't need the Jedward wig anymore?!

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  1. Drawing is brilliant and sounds like you had so much fun the last week!

    Also, fantastic hair, you should let the wind be your stylist more often!