Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Brilliant Touring and Story Starter Fun!

Mike and me on a break in between school visits!
Forgive my lack of blogging. It has been a busy month or two, with plenty of school visits and LOTS of writing. I'm currently working on a book that won't even be published until March 2015, so I'm keeping it top secret for now.

In the last month Mike and I have had the honour of visiting many wonderful schools, some old friends and others new: Canada Hill School and Yealmpstone Farm School in Devon ... St John's School and Parc Eglos School in Cornwall ... Alexandra Junior School, Forsbrook School, St Augustine's School, Newstead Academy and The Willows School, all in Stoke-on-Trent!

We have loved visiting these schools and send our thanks to all the staff, as well as the fantastic actors who have braved coming up on stage to help me act out my books. To all our new fans, we hope you enjoy reading your books ... and I hope it's not too long before I can come back to see you all again!

The beautiful Holywell Bay
The Gull Rocks!

In between school visits we fitted in a short holiday to our favourite place in the world - Holywell Bay in Cornwall. As you can see from the pictures, it's a stunning place and we had a few blustery walks around the area.

Holywell Bay has been used as a location in films including James Bond and Gulliver's Travels. There are two distinctive rocks in Holywell Bay - the 'Gull Rocks'. These are so magical, but no photo can do them justice.
The Chick!
In the next bay along from Holywell sits the baby of the Gull Rocks: a smaller rock called 'the Chick' (someone had fun when naming these rocks)! One day we went on an amazing walk along the cliff from Holywell Bay to find the Chick.

Today I have had some fun with the children of Oxford Road Community School (ORCS for short). I was asked to create a story starter for them on twitter, which meant I could only use 140 characters!! This is what I came up with:

"A beam of light shone through the darkness. Something was standing there. An alien? A zombie? No, it was much, much worse than that."

Lots of the ORCS year 6s have been busy creating stories using my story starter - some of them are scary and dramatic, others are funny, but they are all super-creative! Head to the ORCS blog to check them out:

Thursday, 7 November 2013

News from Brüggen

You may remember that in July I had a fantastic visit to Brüggen, a British Forces school near Dusseldorf in Germany. This week I was sent a copy of the British Forces Newspaper, which included the article below. The article is all about my visit to Brüggen, with some lovely reviews from Kian and Sam. (I have included close ups of the reviews below the main image so you can read them properly!)

p.s. Mike traveled with me to Brüggen and accidentally left his hat behind. But can you imagine what was included in the package with the newspaper? It was only Mike's hat!! Many thanks to Jimmy for sending it back home!