Thursday, 7 November 2013

News from Brüggen

You may remember that in July I had a fantastic visit to Brüggen, a British Forces school near Dusseldorf in Germany. This week I was sent a copy of the British Forces Newspaper, which included the article below. The article is all about my visit to Brüggen, with some lovely reviews from Kian and Sam. (I have included close ups of the reviews below the main image so you can read them properly!)

p.s. Mike traveled with me to Brüggen and accidentally left his hat behind. But can you imagine what was included in the package with the newspaper? It was only Mike's hat!! Many thanks to Jimmy for sending it back home!


  1. luke im reading traitors treasure right now!Felix and Drift just fell down a hole because of a giant Wolf!!!!!!!!!! Cant wait until the traitors revenge comes out. I've also read mutated mansion (soooooooooo scary)I come from Bulish Park Primary School you went there in 2014! (You made me laugh!) :P

  2. Hope you come again. Plus can you put those videos on your page?The ones of the traitors treasure and the mutated mansion. Thank you for your signature!!!!!!!

  3. Hello! It's great to hear that you're reading Traitor's Treasure. Which bit of Mutating Mansion did you find the scariest? I really enjoyed my visit to Burlish Park in November - you were a brilliant audience and I had a LOT of fun! I hope I can visit again soon, but it's up to your teachers to invite me back :)

    Only an hour ago, I finished writing Felix Dashwood and the Traitor's Revenge. It's going to be published in late January, so not long to wait now!