Sunday, 23 February 2014

Staffordshire, Stables, Cambridgeshire and Curling!

In recent weeks, we've had two of the most enjoyable tours in all my 6 years of visiting school - to Cambridgeshire and Staffordshire.

In Cambridgeshire we had the pleasure of visiting The Round House Academy, Pendragon School and Mayfield School. On the way up to Stafforshire we stopped off for a brilliant visit to St Cuthbert Mayne School in Hemel Hempsted. Then in Staffordshire it was The John Bamford School, St Michael's School, Florendine School, and West Hill School. Thank you to all the children and staff for making Mike and me feel so welcome and leaving us with very special memories.

I've loved the Winter Olympics! Here's the GB women's
curling team inside the Olympic rings!
The GB women's curling team
win their bronze medal!

To make things even better, in Staffordshire we got to stay in a beautiful converted stable on a working farm - a far cry from our usual Premier Inn room! And to cap it all off the Winter Olympics has been on. Curling is my favourite sport, but it's hardly ever on TV. I thoroughly enjoyed getting up at 5am to watch the Great Britain women and men curl their way to getting a bronze and silver medal respectively!

A particular highlight in Cambridge was at Mayfield School. The school has a hearing impaired unit, and throughout my presentation, I had a teacher 'on stage' with me translating what I was saying into sign language for the children who couldn't hear me. Because I was so busy performing, I didn't get to watch much of the signing, but it was fascinating to see this happening, especially because I tend to talk really fast and use some very strange words!

The photos around this blogpost are from my visit to Round House - the last one in particular shows just how fun my visits are, for me as much as for the children!