Sunday, 5 October 2014

Felix Dashwood and the Pink Pig Onesie

Over the summer holidays I was busy preparing for the publication of my new books, Felix Dashwood and the Traitor's Treasure and Felix Dashwood and the Mutating Mansion.
This involved a variety of things, including me dressing up in a pink pig onesie...
... which made me incredibly hot! Luckily I had 'Benedict Cumberbatch' on hand to fan me, along with Leo the cat and Kieran the cameraman...
We also created trailers for the books. Below is a video of my friend, Jessica (and Leo again) recording some sounds for the trailers. Can you guess how these sounds fit in with the books?

(Jessica is a multi-talented person - she's also the illustrator of my books and drew the covers!)

If you want to watch the trailers or find out why I was dressed in a pink pig onesie, you'll just have to come along to one of my school presentations!

The first two Felix Dashwood books were published on 8th September. Since then I've been having great fun bringing the books to life. I love going slightly bonkers and getting children fully involved in acting out the books. Click here to read what the children of Elton Primary School had to say about my recent visit!

Photos from my recent visit to Bersted Green School
Look out for book 3, Felix Dashwood and the Traitor's Revenge, being published in January 2015! Here's a sneak peak of the cover!