Monday, 1 June 2015

In which I encounter the Blubber Monster (and some awesome schools too!)

Signing books at Short Wood School was great fun - their
enthusiasm was infectious!
Just before half term, we spent a week visiting some of the loveliest and most welcoming schools we have ever come across. 3 were old friends (Short Wood, Crudgington and Kinlet) and 2 have become new friends (Farlow and St Mary's Madeley). Thank you to them all for making our visits such special occasions.
At Farlow we signed books on the playground.
This was our view!

A particular highlight was our early morning journey to Farlow: driving down miles of single-track lanes with birds flitting in and out of the hedges around us, hoping we wouldn't meet any cars coming the other way (we narrowly avoided a confrontation with a bin lorry!). Our journey took us over a ford, through a sheep field and up a steep hill in first gear, before we arrived at the most rural school I have ever visited, with just two classes. But it was most certainly worth the drive!

I received this wonderful letter from class 4 at St Mary's Madeley:

Dear Luke,

We wanted to write a letter to say thank you so much for coming to visit us! We loved the presentation you put on for us and we definitely can't wait to read your books! You really brought the books to life and helped us get to know the characters.

Thank you for making us all feel involved and for making us laugh! It really helps when we can relate to the author and you have inspired lots of us! There was such a buzz in the air after we had seen you! This is something we will remember for a long time!

We would love to see you again in the future and get to talk about some more of your books, even the ones that are only in your head at the moment! We are sure that they too will be amazing! We wouldn't mind seeing the juggling again either!

I was author of the month at St Mary's!
Many thanks!

Best wishes!

Class 4

Recently, my first book for 5-7 year olds was published: Albert and the Blubber Monster. I had so much fun introducing the book to KS1 children in the five schools above. I even received my first ever pictures of the Blubber Monster, from children at Farlow: