Monday, 15 February 2016

Collège du Léman

I spent all of yesterday signing 561 books to send to Collège du Léman in Geneva, Switzerland...

I had an amazing visit to Collège du Léman a couple of weeks ago. I was in Switzerland for under 24 hours, but was made to feel so welcome by the PFA, school staff and children. I loved all 3 presentations with grades 1-5 - everyone joined in so well to bring my books to life. A big thank you to Saskia for organising the visit so well, for sorting out the book orders, and for taking me to see the lake and the mountains during the lunch break.

Lake Geneva Hotel
After a very easy EasyJet flight, I arrived at Lake Geneva Hotel in darkness. I had no idea of the amazing views I would wake up to the next morning, looking out over Lake Geneva... I didn't take the photos below, but they give some idea of this stunning location:

Collège du Léman

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