Wednesday, 6 February 2019

The Adventure Continues!

For various reasons I haven’t done any school visits for the last 7 months. I couldn’t think of a more perfect way to get back into it than by visiting two of my favourite schools: Denton West End and St Michael’s Bamford!

It was my 5th visit to Denton West End. (I first went there 9 years ago, very early in my author career.) I always know the visit will be expertly organised by Mrs Garlick, and that I will receive a friendly welcome from her and the other staff. The children are always keen to engage with my presentations in a respectful and enthusiastic way. The visit this time was no exception and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the large KS2 and KS1 audiences. They joined in superbly to bring my stories to life. And will I ever forget the three-headed story about Bob and the chicken with a toilet seat stuck on its head?! The next day, I had great fun chatting with lots of children at the book signing; it was successful enough that, although we started at 1.30, I was still signing books at 4.30!

Voting taking place at Denton West End

This was only my 3rd visit to St Michael’s, but I have known the headteacher, Mrs Barratt, just as long as Mrs Garlick – Mrs Barratt first invited me to her old school, Castleton, 9 years ago. Now she makes me feel very welcome at St Michael’s. Mrs Barratt has fostered such a lovely environment at St Michael’s. During my visit this week, the staff and children were all, without exception, so polite and friendly. I couldn’t have been better looked after and my presentations with KS2 and KS1 were a complete joy. The children’s enthusiasm was infectious and created a really warm buzz and those who came up to help me were brilliant actors! At the book signing the following day, every child who bought a book said ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ in a completely natural way – amazing! 

Outside St Michael's after a great morning book signing!

A big thank you to Mrs Garlick and Mrs Barratt for continuing to embrace my author visits and books. I’m already looking forward to my 6th visit to Denton West End and 4th visit to St Michael’s!

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